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Public Relations can’t be left to chance. Nikstar crafts publicity to put your product or event before the audience you want. Using our broad range of media contacts, Nikstar can get you the publicity you need to expand your brand and profile. Specializing in personal publicity, event publicity and integrated PR and marketing campaigns.

Red Carpet Management Specialists

Nikstar delivers event publicity for launches, awards, film premieres and press conferences offering a 360 degree approach. From red carpet consultation, management, pre and post event PR and talent liaison services- Nikstar are the perfect agency for your next big event- offering maximum quality exposure, with tangible results.

Media Relations

We draw on our depth of experience and contacts to curate media relations for our clients. With over 20 year experience in the Australian PR industry, Nikstar have the reputation and commitment to deliver outstanding results through creative brand management.


Public Relations can’t be left to chance. Nikstar crafts publicity to put your product or event before the audience you want.

Media Relations

We draw on our depth of experience and contacts to curate media relations for our clients


Nikstar delivers event publicity for launches, media, premieres and press conferences with full red carpet consultation and management to make your…


  • Alexandra Williamson
    Football Federation Australia, Corporate Events Executive
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the awards night.The PR and exposure you created was like nothing else! You are both wonderful women to work with and I can’t wait to grow this exciting relationship with you. Well done and thank you!
  • Justin Hill
    Reporter, 2DAYFM SCOOPLA
    When it comes to the biggest red carpets in Australia, they don’t get any bigger than The TV WEEK Logies. An event like that has so many working parts and stakeholders, it has to be carried out with precision. 2015 marked my 4th Logies red carpet and I could not fault it. From clear communication in the lead up to the event, to calm, under control staff on the day – Niki White and her team always ensure the event is orchestrated smoothly for everyone involved.
  • Catherine Donovan
    Head of Publicity, Network Ten
    Network Ten has enjoyed a successful working relationship in regards to both the TV WEEK Logie Awards and the AACTA’s with Nikstar. The TEN publicity team has worked directly with Niki and her team for a number of years on both of these events. They are always very organised and proactive. They are easily accessible, remain calm and can produce a fantastic red carpet schedule.
  • Shelley Lee
    SKY News, Entertainment Reporter
    The Nikstar team has been an integral part of our successful and comprehensive Logie Awards coverage for the last three years. I’ve worked with Niki and the team at a raft of different awards shows for more than four years and always been thrilled with both their work and the fantastic content we’ve been able to get from the events. The bustle of celebrities and media on a major red carpet can be total mayhem, but these ladies calmly coordinate everything and communicate brilliantly before and during an event. They aren’t just prepared, but able to adapt and always keep us informed. From accreditation, to red carpet, to media room coordination the Nikstar team have proven they both understand and are able to accommodate the needs of a live television and online news outlets– a rare and wonderful skill! Awards shows are always massive nights when you cover them from carpet to close - particularly when you’re reporting live, but I always know I’m in good hands with Nikstar. On the rare occasions they haven’t been able give me an answer or update on the spot, it’s arrived within 2 minutes before the next live hit!
  • Michael Idato
    Fairfax Publications, Entertainment Editor-at-Large
    I have, for many years, had the pleasure of dealing with Niki White across a range of her clients and events, including the TV WEEK Logie Awards. She has been, at all times, professional, amiable and diligent. Dealing with the unpredictability of a live event, coupled with managing a large group of divergent media in real time, presents a unique and challenging environment. In every such situation, I have found Niki to be diligent and amiable. In particular, she handles high-pressure situations in a calm and professional manner. As a journalist covering an event like the TV WEEK Logies, the quality which is most valuable on ground is experience. That experience, coupled with her familiarity with the event, invariably makes otherwise complex situations easy to navigate. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.
  • Angela Bishop
    Entertainment Reporter, Network Ten
    I have worked very closely with Nikstar for a number of years now across several red carpets. The team is efficient, quick to react to last minute requests and supremely organised. Members of the media are made to feel they are an important part of the event rather than an inconvenience, which results in excellent coverage. Niki White and her team are also adept at handling talent on the red carpet, and making sure they know to whom they will be speaking, so that everything flows smoothly. In short, I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nikstar.
  • Brent Williams
    Executive Producer, TV Week Logie Awards
    I have had the great pleasure of working with Nikstar and more directly Niki White on the TV WEEK Logie Awards for the last 4 years. During that time I have found Niki and her team to be incredibly diligent and professional. Her thorough and concise planning in the lead up to such a big event always gives us great comfort as a broadcaster. Her expertise especially comes to the fore with the logistical nightmare that is the Red Carpet arrivals. It is a part of the night that never fails to throw up its fair share of challenges. Building renovations, conflicting requests from networks or even accommodating the hysteria surrounding a musical performance by One Direction are just some of the things that crop up each year. Throughout it all, Niki and her team have always been a pleasure to deal with and always ensured that the night runs as smoothly as possible no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. As the broadcast partner of the TV Week Logie Awards it is reassuring to know that Niki’s experience, advice and expertise is always just a phone call away.
  • David Goudie
    Director, Eagle Image
    A big thank you for you and your team’s effort on the 2013 TV Week Logies.I have covered the last 15 TV Week Logie awards and I can honestly say, from a red carpet point of view, that this years event was the most organised and efficient…
  • Rachel Lees
    Features Editor, InStyle (Pacific Magazines)
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for accommodating our last minute AACTA red carpet request. I know how busy those days are for you, and we sincerely appreciate it. Just quietly, I was in awe of all of you that day – you each showed true grace under fire! Thank you again, I hope you’ve had a chance to kick back with a champagne to celebrate what was a fantastic event.
  • Kylie Speer
    Bigpond Movies
    Just wanted to send a huge thank you for yet another wonderfully-run red carpet. Absolutely love working with you and look forward to the next one!